Commerce Foundation


COMMERCE FOUNDATION Institute is an initiative of Mr. Prithvi Raj Chauhan having more than 5 years of experience in commerce coaching (both online and face to face mode). We work towards discovering and rejuvenating the latent potentialities of students, making them realize their untapped skills, and helping them streamline their dynamism towards productive outcomes.

In the competitive environment, a strong foundation of accounting knowledge along with analytical skills and intelligence quotient (IQ) is required. Students are guided by the best professional experts.

Why Commerce Foundation Institute...?

Professional & Learned Teacher

 He believe that studies with fun is a great blend which makes the aspirants achieve their goals with full precision.


Our students can access study materials and notes anytime, from everywhere, they can see the updated material. We bring world class technology oriented classroom for our students.

Regular tests & Weekly Revision

We conduct Regular Tests and Weekly Revision on every Sunday, So that if you miss any class You'll compensate it on Sunday.

Innovative teaching methods and Live Examples

 Teaching with live examples from practical life (Experience of Income Tax Dept, GST,Audit and CA offices etc.)

Intensive Coaching

Covered many Questions from each and every topic in class itself.

Free Library

We provide a peaceful Library which encourages the reading and self-learning skill of students without charging any cost.